USB Rechargeable Rear Light   
                                                 4  Red  LEDs

                            Recharge repeatedly with a supplied USB cable on your computer

                            Very reasonable :  approx. USD0.003 / one charge (in Japan)

                            No tool to install – only wrap around an elastic band included

                            High- visibility / rainproof


        charge from your PC or                               small like a coin in size  &   light

       from electric outlet via AC adapter                    48 x 28 x 17 mm           15 g


               compact & bright

               smallest in the world                  

               USB Power Supply                                                         

lighting color red
body color crystal
power source lithium-polymer rechargeable battery (approx. 500 times)
run time flash mode (10.5+ hrs)   chase mode (20+ hrs)  
steady mode (5.5+ hrs)
charge time approx. 2 hrs (depend on  PC power supply )
attachable size 25.4 – 32.0 mm
outward size 48 x 28 x 17mm
weight 15g (w/o cable)
made in China


We appreciate your attention to GEMINI  2 Leds for front

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